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Dr. Wes Johnson may be relatively new to the Colorado River area, but he's no stranger to small town dynamics and the absolute need for personalized medical attention. 

Dr. Johnson, an Oregon native, earned his medical degree at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland. He then went to Detroit, Michigan, where he successfully completed his residency in general orthopedic surgery. During this period, Dr Johnson honed his skills in arthroscopic surgery, total joint replacement, and fracture care. Under most circumstances, this completes the training for most orthopedic surgeons. In Dr. Johnson's case, he decided to apply for further training and what is considered fellowship training or advanced management in certain areas of orthopedics. Accepted by Baylor College of Medicine at the Houston Medical Center, he completed a prestigious year long fellowship which put him in touch with a number of world renowned orthopedic surgeons who helped shape his career in surgical care. Many spinal surgical procedures -including the Harrington rod- were developed by the group


Dr. Johnson worked with. The number of patients and difficult cases was exhausting but in the end proved valuable to those who seek his opinion. With eleven years of private practice after his training, he has built a strong, stable fashion of patient care. During his fellowship, Dr. Johnson also spent a number of hours with total joint reconstruction specialist Dr. Hugh Tullos, who continues to provide direction in joint prosthesis design.


Dr. Johnson originally started practicing in Bend, Oregon, where his family lived. There he met the woman of his dreams and was soon married. During his stay in Oregon, he practiced with a prestigious orthopedic group and continued to stay in medical education. Lecturing statewide, he spoke at the medical school several times and helped found the Oregon Spine Study Group, a research-based organization of prominent spine specialists in Oregon and southern Washington. It wasn't long before he was bitten by the Havasu bug. With his wife of eight years, Nancy, and his two daughters Rozalyn and Elisse, Dr. Johnson put away his Oregon sweaters, rubbed on his Havasu sun block, and headed south to 

Arizona. In 1998, Advanced Orthopedic & Spine Center was born. Board-certified in Orthopedic Surgery and a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, Dr. Johnson has seen his practice grow enormously in the first two years since it opened. Certainly, some of his success is attributed to his skills as a spinal surgeon and general orthopedist. He also is a member of the prestigious North American Spine Society. 

His vast and specialized education and staying abreast of all the newest technological advances has frequently resulted in invitations for him to lecture, which he has done in the past on topics ranging from total knee replacement to lumbar pain mechanism. As recently as last year he lectured on a new spinal surgery technique at Barrows Neurologic Institute in Phoenix.


Dr. Johnson was invited to become an international instructor for the A-0 Corporation, a worldwide system of orthopedic instrument and implant manufacturer. They focus on physician education and state-of-the-art tools for orthopedic care. Dr. Johnson has provided his services and helped train surgeons from around the world and continues to stay on top of current medical advances. 


By keeping abreast of the latest advances in orthopedic care, Dr. Johnson has been able to provide better patient care. Presently, he is using a high density polyethylene with superior wear for total joint replacement. He is a strong advocate for Synvisc that treats arthritic knee pain without surgery. Most recently, he has been involved in developing new techniques in osteoporosis fracture management, called Kyphoplasty. This state-of-the-art procedure involves repairing and restoring spinal alignment through percutaneous techniques giving hope to those who suffer from osteoporosis spine fractures.


Besides his passion for orthopedic medicine, Dr. Johnson is an outdoorsman who enjoys training horses, boating, skiing, and car restoration. Some of these interests have led him to involvement in our community and he has become a primary supporter of Havasu Roller Hockey Rink on Chenoweth Boulevard. He also has been the medical director for the Mohave Unlimited Hydrofest and has worked with the US Ski and Snowboarding Team members while in Bend. He has the privilege and opportunity of treating international Supercross star Travis Pastrana and five-time world jet ski champion Tara Crismon.  Yes, this is one man that the Havasu bug has bitten and has bitten hard in a grateful community and would not have it any other way Dr. Johnson feels the best thing about Lake Havasu is the people who live here  and it is our responsibility to take good care of them.


Drawing on his youth spent in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Johnson works his hometown experiences and the relationships that are so precious into every element of his professional life.


After completing medical school in Oregon and a residency in Detroit covering general orthopedics, sports medicine and hand surgery, Dr. Johnson began a fellowship in spine surgery at highly-regarded Baylor Medical University in Houston, Texas. Returning to Oregon to enter an orthopedic practice in the city of Bend, Oregon, Dr. Johnson spent the next 10 years in private practice and as an attending orthopedic surgeon at St. Charles Medical Center