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People want great medical care, as more young specialists come into the community there will be less need to travel for specialty services."

Orthopedics has seen many technological advances in the last decade. State-of-the-art management includes different methods of investigation and new approaches to old problems and the ability to interpret and apply these changes to the patient. There are two essential ingredients to a successful outcome. First, thorough evaluation and examination is critical to an accurate diagnosis and the use of special tests should support the clinician's findings. Second, the surgeon must be versed in technology and have the training which allows him or her to correct the problem with minimal invasiveness. This demands an ongoing commitment to medical education and good patient communication.

Dr. Johnson believes it is the quality of care that should be paramount. This means, above all, spending time with the patient. I always try to communicate well with my patients," says Dr. Johnson. To him, proper treatment can involve many options, including surgical reconstruction, minimally invasive surgery, and a great many of them completely noninvasive without any surgery whatsoever. "The important difference in my practice is my effort to treat people without surgery, if possible," he states. "Here at Vista Orthopedics, we approach the patient with surgery as an option, never the only option."

"Pain arises from many different sources," advises Dr. Johnson. "As a result, everyone's treatment needs to be individualized." Believing firmly that the foundation of effective treatment is accurate diagnosis, Dr. Johnson draws on a wealth of varied orthopedic experience. "My strength is sorting out where the diagnosis lies, " Dr. Johnson states with conviction. "I've been trained in so many different areas. I can look at things from many angles to make a viable determination of cause for a patient's pain." As we get older, orthopedic problems can range from neurological anomalies to pinched nerves to degenerated joints such as hips, shoulders and knees. Dr. Johnson's 10 years of experience as an orthopedic surgeon and advanced training in disorders of the spine allow him to sort out the origin of the pain. Effective treatment turns on the ability to discover the source of distress. According to Dr. Johnson, however, pinpointing the problem is half the battle. His extensive training in a broad range of orthopedic conditions translates to knowledge of the widest range of treatments for specific conditions. Remaining in touch with the most recent technology in orthopedic care is second nature at Vista Orthopedics. Dr. Johnson is Board Certified by, and remains a Fellow at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. He is a member of the North American Spine Society, the Western Orthopedic Association, and maintains licenses in Arizona, Texas and Oregon. His dual positions as both faculty member and instructor within AO/ASIF (Association of/Association for the Study of Internal Fixation) mandates a hands-on commitment to the very latest advances in orthopedic surgical technique.

Dr. Wes Johnson brings his hometown background, impressive professional credentials and vast medical experience to communities up and down the Colorado River. More importantly, he brings a philosophy of patient care that is based on respect, responsibility and concern for the well being of his patients.